Pre-made AAV, Pre-made Adenovirus & Plasmids

Pre-Made Adeno Virus

All Pre-made Adeno virus are supplied with the concentration of 1E12GC/mL, in 100uL aliquots. All vectors are assayed for identity and titer. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) with detailed specifications is attached with each order. For larger quantity please inquire our custom-made Adeno Service.

Premade Adenovirus
0101 wt-Ad5 (wide type)
0102 Ad5_Null (no genome)
0103 Ad5-CMV-GFP
0104 Ad5-CMV-LacZ
0105 Ad5-CMV-AP (alkaline phosphatase)
0108 Ad5-CMV-Luc (luciferase)