Pre-made AAV, Pre-made Adenovirus & Plasmids

Shuttle and Helper Plasmids

All Pre-made Helper and Shuttle plasmids are endotoxin-free suitable for next step transfection and subcloning. All vectors are assayed for identity, quality and quantity. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) with detailed specifications is attached with each order. Sequences and maps are available upon request.

0911 pAAV AAV shuttle plasmid 10 ug
0912 pRep-Cap AAV helper plasmids (serotype 1 to 6) 10 mg
0913 pHELP AAV helper plasmid 10 mg
0914 pAAV-siRNA (AAV shuttle plasmid for siRNA expression) 10 ug
0915 pAAV-DS-shuttle (self-complementary AAV shuttle plasmid) 10 ug
0916 pAAV-CAG-shuttle-WPRE 10 ug
0918 pAAV-TO-CMV-shuttle (tet-suppressed) 10 ug
0921 pAAV-CMV-gateway 10 ug
0922 pAAV-CMV-DS-gateway (self-complementary) 10 ug