We support early drug discovery and development activities

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Applied Viromics is a biotech company aiming to support early drug discovery and developmentactivities. Applied Viromics specializes in custom-made recombinant viral vectors for efficient gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo.

Applied Viromics is located in Fremont, California, taking advantage of being in the vicinity of numerous biotech companies and biomedical research institutions in San Francisco Bay area.

Applied Viromics works with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and academic institutions of all sizes, and provides solutions and tools to help with their research projects.Our team has strong integrated expertise in molecular biology, virology, and recombinant protein expression, which enable us to become a reliable and resourceful partner for our clients. Since 2004, Applied Viromics has provided viral vectors to hundreds of researchers from both academic and industry.

Our mission is to take care of unmet needs of our customer so you can better enjoy the power of viral vector tools in gene delivery. We offer pre-made viral vectors, as well as custom-made vectors on your demand. We provide extensive analysis to ensure the highest quality of your vectors, so you can focus on doing research in your area.