Construction, Production of AAV vectors and more


Service includes construction, production and amplification of adenovirus vectors containing your gene of interest. Viral preps have a guaranteed titer of 2E12 total particles. For larger scale amplification of adenovirus and price, please inquire.

Catolog number Delivered Virus Amount Volume
0201 2E12 GC ~3mL

Customer needs to provide either of the following information:

  • plasmid containing GOI with map and restriction sites
  • sequence of GOI
  • gene bank ID

Timeline: 4 weeks

Quality Control:

  • Titer by taqman assay
  • Purity by silver staining
  • Replication competent assay

Other QC assays (infectious titer, DNA, Host cells protein, endotoxin, wild type AAV contamination) can be performed upon request.

A certificate of analysis (COA) with detailed specifications is attached with each order.