Construction, Production of AAV vectors and more


Services include construction and production of AAV vectors containing your gene of interest. Customer can provide their in-house shuttle vectors for viral packaging. Applied Viromics also provide services to clone your gene of interest into our shuttle plasmids. We have a range of shuttle plasmids with different promoters and reporter genes to meet your needs. Please check our shuttle plasmid and gene cloning services. Please inquire for pricing information, which depends on the scale of the production.

Catolog number Delivered Virus Amount Volume
0401 Small-scale custom AAV production (AAV2 only) ~0.5 mL
0402 Mid-scale custom AAV production ~2mL
0403 Large-scale custom AAV production ~3mL

For production scale higher than 1E13, please inquire.

Customer needs to provide either of the following information:

  • Shuttle vector containing GOI
  • plasmid containing GOI with restriction sites
  • sequence of GOI
  • gene bank ID

Timeline: 2 to 6 weeks

Quality Control:

  • Titer by taqman
  • Purity by silver staining
  • Other QC assays (infectious titer, DNA, Host cells protein, endotoxin) can be performed upon request

A certificate of analysis (COA) with detailed specifications is attached with each order.